De grote Robin

Last year, Sjoerd Kuyper won the Theo Thijssen Prize for his body of work as a children’s author. His stories combine readability with literary skill and depth.

‘Kuyper’s stories are real and vivid, philosophical and warm, rhythmic and balanced, nostalgic and humorous – sometimes all at the same time,’ said the jury for the Theo Thijssen Prize, reserving particular praise for Kuyper’s read-aloud stories about Robin. The dreamy young boy from a village beside the Dutch dunes made his first appearance in children’s literature in 1990 and has returned regularly ever since.

The Big Robin combines Kuyper’s three award-winning titles: Robin en Suze (Robin and Suze), Robin en God (Robin and God) and Robin is verliefd (Robin’s in Love). These are big stories about small events. Kuyper deals with important issues directly and openly. The child, with his honesty, innocence and lack of inhibition, is the central figure in this author’s work. Marije Tolman’s charming illustrations conjure up a safe little world where the imagination triumphs.

Lemniscaat, 2012